Wolfgang Halbig has many questions about the Sandy Hook event he cannot get answers for, and as a former state trooper, and expert witness at other school shooting cases including Columbine, he’s looking for some answers. So many answers, in fact, that he was paid a visit by some police investigators telling him to back off.

Mr. Halbig has worked in public education as a teacher, dean, assistant principal, principal of an alternative school and as the Director for School Safety and Security for the Seminole County Public Schools, a school district of approximately 65,000 students.

A former Florida State Trooper and United States Customs Inspector, Mr. Halbig was invited by the U.S. Department of Justice to train over 3,500 school police officers, school superintendents and school principals. He travels the country providing presentations and keynotes to a variety of school board associations and conferences and is a nationally-recognized school safety and security expert and consultant, who has provided safety training and school assessments for more than 4,000 school districts nationwide.

The correspondence below was sent by Wolfgang Halbig to Connecticut State Police Lieutenant J. Paul Vance and Newtown Police Chief Michael Kehoe on January 22, 2014.  Mr. Halbig has independently researched the Sandy Hook Massacre for over one year.

Understanding what procedures are common during such an event, he attempted to consult state and federal law enforcement authorities in charge of the investigation only to be rebuffed. His numerous public records requests with Connecticut officials to obtain materials related to the inquiry have similarly been met with silence.  Just prior to the Christmas 2013 holiday Halbig explains how he was threatened by Connecticut State Police via the Lake County Florida Sheriff’s Deputies with arrest on felony charges of harassment if he continued to investigate the event.

From: Wolfgang Halbig
To: Vance and Kehoe
January 22, 2014
Subject: Why would one of you send Homicide Detectives to my home and Threaten me with Felony Arrest by CT State Police?

[Lieutenant J. Paul] Vance and [Newtown Police Chief Michael] Kehoe;
I do not know which one you of you had the idea that by having the Lake County, Florida Sheriffs Homicide Detectives show up at my house and threatened me with Felony arrest by the CT State Police if I did not stop asking questions about Sandy Hook Shooting.

You want me to stop asking questions in light of the fact that you both have yet to respond to any of my Connecticut Freedom of Information Act requests for the past 9 months, you both should be arrested for failing to comply with Connecticut State Laws.
I have served honorably in the Military during Vietnam, I served as a Florida State Trooper in Miami, Florida. I worked as United States Customs Inspector at both International Airports and Seaports.

I graduated at the top of my class at the Florida Highway Patrol Academy and that is why my class elected me as their class president to speak at our graduation.
What you two are doing is just unbelievable and I cannot believe that the law enforcement community across the United States is accepting the Danbury State Attorney report without the FBI Classified Investigative information included.What in the world needs to be Classified by the FBI?

  • You stated that there was just one suspect and he shot himself in the classroom.  Is that correct?
  • He shot 20 children and six school staff members.  Is that correct?
  • He fired 153 rounds using both handguns and a .223 Bushmaster rifle as you stated.  Is that correct?
  • He shot his way through the front glass door.  Is that correct?
  • He parked his black Honda civic in the front parent drop off area with all four car doors wide open as Barbara Sibley a parent witness observed.  Is that correct?
  • He left a 12 gauge Ithaca shotgun in the front seat of the black Honda Civic.  Is that correct?
  • He took approximately 11 minutes inside the school to kill 20 children and 6 school staff members.  Is that correct?


  • Why NO Life Star Trauma Helicopter on Dec 14, 2012 since you use them in every active shooter drill when the news media covers your stories.  WHY?
  • Why did you not allow the Paramedics and EMT’S inside the school after 11 minutes?
  • Who was the person who declared all 20 children and six school staff members legally dead?  Who?
  • Why did it take over an hour to transport someone to the hospital?
  • Why do you have a 50 to 60 year old women being transported by ambulance as Natalie Hammond when Natalie Hammond is only 40 years old?  Why pretend?
  • Why have 26 small Christmas trees behind the Sandy Hook Volunteer fire house on Dec 14, 2012 and then decorate them on Dec 15, 2012 after the shooting?  Why?
  • Why have a Lieutenant of the Newtown Police Department with 24 years not leave his off duty job where he is controlling traffic at a construction work site until two hours after the shooting started?  This is the best one of all. Why?
  • Why have a Licensed Registered Nurse who works at Sandy Hook Elementary School say that Nancy Lan[z]a the mother of Adam Lan[z]a is a great and wonderful Kindergarten teacher at her school?  Why does she lie on National News?
  • Why have a Police Chief State in the Newspaper article that his Lt. is not a first responder?  Does anyone belief that for one-second especially when you have two Ct State troopers escorting a prisoner to the Danbury courthouse when hearing the active shooter call and respond to Sandy Hook.  Why them and not the Lieutenant?

We have all these great police investigators and NO one questions the actions of December 14, 2012. You both then did a great job and deserve an Oscar at the Oscars in Hollywood. Do not send anymore detectives to my home. Please answer my questions if you can.

Wolfgang W Halbig

Wolfgang W Halbig
13 hours ago

To all my friends helping to solve the Sandy Hook Shooting Puzzle;

The Sandy Hook Elementary School was built in 1956 at a time when Lead Paint, Asbestos in the floor tile, ceiling tile, PCB, ceiling insulation and as you can see below each one of these had very high levels of contamination even when at the time when all those parents of the 20 children moved to Newtown in 2009 and selected supposedly Sandy Hook Elementary School because it was a Vanguard School.

I requested under the CT of Freedom of Information Act all of the Tri-Annual Asbestos Inspections that must be performed by an outside Certified Asbestos Inspector starting form 2002 through 2012. Each parent per Ct State Education laws must notify all parents who have children and school staff via a letter on an annual basis of the dangers and levels of Asbestos in the school.

This is a simple request and is public record and as you can see NO response.

Please help me in requesting that report as I did maybe just maybe you will have better luck then I did.

Use the CT of Information Act in writng the Newtown Public Schools School Board since the School Superintendent refuses to comply.

Why would all those parents send their children in 2009 to Sandy Hook Elementary School knowing that they will be exposed to potential life threatening breathing hazards especially if they have allergies?

Extent Of Contamination

The report indicates that PCBs were not only discovered in concrete block, but under terrazzo flooring and in sulfur block used in the
foundations and footings. High levels of lead paint, In addition, vinyl asbestos tile was discovered under carpeted areas, along with asbestos in the mastic holding insulation to the subfloor tunnel ductwork.

Wolfgang W Halbig

To all of our Sandy Hook Puzzle Solvers:

Second simple Ct of Freedom of Information Act request.
Please request the same at the Newtown Public Schools.
Who did the Newtown School Board contract with in order to remove all of the serious Bio-Hazards such as Blood at least 45-60 gallons of blood, bodily fluids, brain matter, bone fragments, blood stained carpet just like at Columbine which I observed the cleanup.
Why is this a secret?

Columbine was unbelievable


Wolfgang W Halbig

To all my Sandy Hook Justice puzzle solvers:

Please request under the Ct Freedom of Information Act the first item that I am sharing with you from the Newtown Public Schools.
Simple request:
Please provide me with the name of the company and their contact numbers who installed the security system in the Sandy Hook Elementary School before Dec 14, 2012.
Please provide me with total cost of the project.
Please break down the project cost by each item purchased such as recoreding device for CCTV camera etc and showing total cost.
Who paid for the project? Was it the school board or the Sandy Hook Elementary school budget?
Please process this and let me know the cost and mail to 25526 Hawks Run Lane, Sorrento, Florida 32776

Now how simple is that request and as you can see NO response with the proer information or phone calls.


Please you try and see maybe they will like you better

Wolfgang W Halbig

Being a former State Trooper I learned what it was like to have to rush to the Miami International Airport to big up donated organs from hearts, eyes etc and rush them to the hospital for patients waiting for life saving transplants.

Not one parent or loved one donated any of the organs that day of their children or school sytaff that could have saved someones life. The two childen who died at the hospital with parental approval could have donated organs.

Never ever happened. why?

Wolfgang W Halbig shared a link.

This is how it started.
I will use every resource of my office to investigate this heinous crime.
I have contacted Robert Mueller director of the FBI to investigate and now it is Classified.
What is their to be classified?
One suspect dead they call him Adam Lanza
He shot his way into the school they say
He killed 20 children and six school staff members they say
He fired 153 rounds they say
He shot himself they say
He drove a black honda civic
to school that morning they say

Case clsoed at Sandy Hook so now what has to be classified? The delivery of portables toilets three hours into the shooting they say.

Now they the parents fly on our Air Force one to lobby Congrees for Guns and back home. Never heard off before.

Please just think about that it is a huge piece of our puzzle



Wolfgang W Halbig

Sandy Hook Parents Coming to DC on Air Force One to Lobby Congress
Just think about this for one second.
He the President has the FBI Classified New Haven Investigative report on the Sandy Hook School Shooting that we will never see as the femal agent in New Haven told me.
He now has all the parents on our Air Force One knowing that this could not have happened as they say because they cannot answer ten simple questions.
So what are we to assume since they FBI refuse to allow us access and by the way what is so secret?

Wolfgang W Halbig
February 19

Another visit fro the Lake County Sheriffs office this time they actually wore uniforms yesterday.
They received a call from Newtown Police Department since they must have heard me on American Free Press that I was coming to Newtown.
They the deputy sheriffs stated that the Newtown police department wants to know when I am coming to Newtown and the second question Newtown Police wnated to know if I owned a handgun.

So now let the games begin in solving the Sandy Hook Illusion.

I have set up a Sandy Hook Justice Trust Fund so we can host a conference in Orlando, Florida for every American who believes that we need to hire attorney’s and file Civil Lawsuits.

Give what you can. It will make a difference.

My mailing address is 25526 Hawks Run Lane, Sorrento, Florida 32776.

Please make checks payable to the Sandy Hook Justice Trust Fund.

I know that you do not know me but it is a Trust that you will be able to follow in holding us accountable.

We Are Patriots going to solve this puzzle starting with the 10 top question as you heard on American Free Press.

The Government thinks we are so stupid. Guess what we are coming. Your friend for ever


Wolfgang W Halbig 
February 18
From: Wolfgang Halbig [mailto:wolfgang.halbig@comcast.net]
Sent: Monday, February 10, 2014 9:35 AM
Subject: PLease process as quickly as possible sorry for the urgency.
Importance: High

Freedom of Information Act Request:

Can you please provide me with the F.E.M.A. Sandy Hook School Shooting NIMS or ICS evaluations.

You had over 8 F.E.M.A evaluators on site during the shooting since you could see their I.D badges with pictures provided by observers from the Catholic Church.

NIMS and ICS is your brainchild which requires every school district to have all staff members trained in the NIMS or ICS Emergency Response protocols.

So I cannot imagine that after millions and millions of tax payer dollars that FEMA would not want to evaluate one of the most heinous and horrendous crimes in US school history.
How did NIMS work or How did the ICS command Center work at Sandy Hook on Dec 14, 2012?
It show clearly show who the stupid person in the command center was that did not request the Trauma Helicopters for children and school staff’s urgent medical care.

It should clearly show who the stupid individual was at the command center who did not allow the paramedics or the EMT’S inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School to provide immediate medical care to those clinging to life.

It should show who the stupid individual at the command center was who declared all 25 children and adults legally dead within the first 8 minutes of the school shooting.

It should show pictures of this massive school evacuation of 500 children and school staff. I am sure that the command center would have documented that massive evacuation.

It should show in the evaluations as to why the first police units parked a 1/4 of a mile away from the school when first responding and waiting for backup. That is not the first responder new protocols is it?

It should show why a 24 year veteran of the Newtown police department on an off duty work detail at a construction site not respond to shots fired at an Elementary School until 2 and a half hours after shots are fired. He stayed at the construction site. Is that a new FEMA directive ?

When are parents not allowed to see their dead children at the morgue? Is that a new FEMA directive?

Please provide all of those answers as quickly as possible since I am the Chief Investigator for the Children’s Safety Institute that protects Children with Autism and now since this shooting has cast a malicious stigmatizing effect on all children with Autism as potential killers if not supervised properly, this report is vital.

Thank you and please mail your FEMA evaluation to 25526 Hawks Run Lane, Sorrento, Fla 32776

Wolfgang W Halbig

Wolfgang W Halbig \
February 18
I am a FLorida constituent and being blown off by a Ubted States Senator.

I needed immediate and direct help when the FBI told me that the Sandy Hook Criminal Investigation by the New haven FBI was Classified.

What has to be classified and I asked his office to get that report declassified so we could see the truth.

It did not happen since this is the bullshit they sent you.

I am sorry for the bullshit but enough is enough.


Dear Mr. Halbig,

Thank you for your comments. I will be sure to share them with the Senator. Please direct any future legislative comments via our website; www.rubio.senate.gov to ensure that a member of our legislative staff has an opportunity to respond to your concerns. This email account is reserved for Florida constituents who require immediate and direct assistance with a federal agency. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Office of United States Senator Marco Rubio

201 South Orange Avenue, Suite 350
Orlando, Florida 32801


Wolfgang W Halbig
February 18

To every “We the People” that has taken their valuable time to contact me I thank you and my family thanks you from the bottom of my heart in supporting our cause in seeking only the truth at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec 14, 2012
I have tried over 10 month using the CT Freedom of Information Act which “We the People” are supposed to use as a means in getting public records.
Not one word to simple questions. My questions do not slander anybody or cause serious grief to supposed grieving parents.
Simple questions as you heard on the radio.
Why No responses?

So here is a quote that I believe in and hope that you will join me in seeking only the truth because every parent and school district needs to know the truth since we now have created panic and fear throughout our country because of Sandy Hook.

“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”
[Nathan M. Bickel]

Thank you for caring about our children and grandchildren because it is all about them and their future.

God bless our America