LtC. Col. Donald Sullivan is from the old school of courtesy to strangers, oaths of office, respect for the ladies and fairness to others. Like us, he misses the America that we used to know. His first-hand experience related here is one more that we will not find reported on the CMM.

Some may understand the subject of this article; some may be offended; others might find a certain level of incredulity that someone in this modern and enlightened world would entertain the prejudices exhibited by the author of this piece; but I felt a driving need to write about my experiences on the high seas last month when my wife and I took our first vacation cruise together. (She’s been on two previously, and I finally took the plunge against my better judgment.)

We were passengers on the Carnival Cruise Lines ship “Fantasy” for one-week of fun-in-the-sun together, away from news, computers, cell phones, children, family dynamics, cooking and yard work.  I think she was looking forward to it – I was not.  I’m always on a vacation of sorts, free to battle the government twenty-four hours a day with meals prepared, clothes washed, beds made, house cleaned and my recliner handy.  I can even mow the grass, paint fences or cut firewood any time I want to as long as I can get a break from the internet, the word processor, the cell phone and the court room.  My favorite place to be is in my own yard, protected from the things I cannot tolerate in the “real” world, things like queers, mixed breeds, intermarriages, illegal aliens, government employees, English-as-a-second-language, and the like, you know.  But I was feeling guilty about not spending enough “quality” time with my wife, so I gave her a cruise for her birthday so we could be alone together without those normal distractions.


After having one heck of a time getting through the maze at Charleston Harbor and finding the correct place to park our Ford Excursion, we queued up for “embarkation” – I had to get my picture taken by who knows who just to board the ship.  I didn’t like that.  Didn’t need a passport, since we were on an out-and-back to Nassau, the Bahamas; but picture ID was required, or birth certificate, and they still had to take our pictures.  I had agreed beforehand to wear blinders, bite my tongue a lot, and just relax and have a good time.  After all, I was on vacation; and it was Saturday, the first day.

Getting to the stateroom was easy:  The luggage was there waiting.  There was a satellite TV; phone; king bed; private bath w/shower; and a large window on the ocean.  I learned there were about 2600 passengers on board with a crew of 880.  We had plenty of sun and good weather all week, all the ice cream and lemonade we could consume, and endless food options.  How they get all that food and water on board ship and keep it fresh I will never know.  So it was looking good that first day.

By the second day, however, I began to notice things.  First, I realized that none, or very few, of the wait or house staff were Americans.  A few were white, from other countries; and the ones with whom we personally interacted spoke fairly good English.  The majority, however, did not speak English and were non-white, mostly Asian, Middle Eastern and Indian.  The ship’s operations crew appeared not to be Americans, and about half were Caucasian.  I never saw the Captain, Stefano Batinelli, but from his accent I assumed he was southern Italian.  The majority of the entertainment staff were English-speaking American and Caucasian.  The cruise director, Jacques de Lancie, was himself a white African-American Boer from South Africa and spoke with a very interesting English accent.  I think Carnival is registered in Panama.

Sunday was the first day we really got out on the decks to explore, and that was when the reality check hit me.  Most of the passengers were Caucasian-American with a few Asians and Negroes.  The percentage of black-white mixed couples was amazing, mostly black males with white females, but with a few the other way around.  I was most disgusted by the number of creamy children tagging along with them, not because they were brown-skinned, but because I know that Deut. 23:2 in my Holy Bible condemns them all to a life of separation from the assembly of the Lord God for ten generations.  This is the punishment induced by the ignorant parents on these otherwise innocent children.  Their sin is not forgivable:  It is bound on earth and in heaven by genetics.  Everywhere I went, they were there.  My blinders didn’t help, and my tongue bled.

Then it got worse when, on Monday I looked at the daily “Funtimes” scheduling pamphlet which detailed all the “fun” things we could do on board each day.  It’s a really handy map to the ship’s entertainment, events, etc., and helps one plan his cruise day to get the maximum benefit from his time on board.  Unfortunately, as I perused the many opportunities for fun-on-the-Fantasy, I stumbled upon this:  “9:15 P, GBLT Gathering – Majestic Bar – 9Aft”.  Initially, I was hoping that the initials stood for something quite innocent, since it is usually presented as “LBGT” in this country; but, after calling “Guest Services”, I learned the truth:  They were among us, and the Carnival Cruise Lines was touting their success.  However, being sworn to muteness, I continued to bite my tongue, look “straight” ahead and mind my own business.

By the time Monday evening came around, my wife and I had decided to attend a celebration in the ship’s theater, the Universe Lounge, of Motown and British Invasion music, that being the music of our generation and loved by all.  Motown came first with an outstanding revue spearheaded by a black couple who could really knock out the hits.  The other six performers, three male and three female, provided well-rehearsed backup.  It was excellent entertainment with brilliant scenery and period costumes.

Then, the Beatles, Stones, Hollies and Trogs were emulated by the same group.  The problem was, this time the male lead singer was the same black buck who had done such a good job with Motown (but there weren’t any black Beatles, Stones, Hollies or Trogs) paired up with a blonde, blue-eyed and fair, white lead singer (a la Dennis Rodman and Madonna).  My wife and I watched as long as we could, anticipating the moment when the groping and smooching would become intolerable, until finally we had to walk out.  I don’t know if others walked out, but I was told later that we were not the only ones who were offended by the performance, black and white.

The next morning, I took my blinders off and stopped biting my tongue.  I went to Guest Services to inform them of my being more than a little “offended” by their open support of the queer lifestyle and putting their race-mixing agenda in my face.  The cruise agent who took my information was a very knowledgeable Caucasian girl from Ukraine.  She understood my concerns (said it would not be tolerated in Ukraine) and assured me a senior staff member would get the message.  Five minutes later, Jacques de Lancie, the cruise director, called my stateroom to discuss my report.  We talked for about thirty minutes about these two issues, and I emphasized how inappropriate the behavior of the performers was during the British segment of the show and how the gratuitous listing of the “GBLT” gathering on the public forum was not only unnecessary but was also pandering.

His excuse was that both the “Funtimes” schedule and the musical performance were the work of Carnival headquarters and not the staff on the ship, that he had no control over it.  When I pressed him, using the argument that his being a native of South Africa should make him well aware of the result of enabling and encouraging mixing of the races and making it seem as it if were OK, he responded that his “hands were tied” and that he needed his job.  (HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WE HEARD THAT ONE???)  He then admitted that he had not lived in South Africa for over 12 years for obvious reasons.  I told him I would be writing a report for publication in a national newspaper on my dissatisfaction with Carnival’s support of this unacceptable behavior and reminded him that the vast majority of his customers were heterosexual, white European Americans who are still, by and large, offended by both the “GBLT” lifestyle and race-mixing, as are the Negroes.  Why, then, run the risk of offending the majority just to placate the minority.  The truth is, the majority is afraid to say anything about I; and everybody knows it.

carnivalThe net result is that Carnival Cruise Lines will probably continue promotion of its agenda (It might be interesting to find out just who owns Carnival.), and white, heterosexual Americans will pretend it doesn’t bother them, thereby enabling that agenda by their silence while ushering in their own destruction.  The unnatural and un-Godly aberrant behavior offends me, and I will continue to resist by any means available when it is put in my face.  As I said before, I try very hard to avoid putting myself into situations where I may have this type of conflict; but I am determined to face it when I am forced to.  I believe those who look the other way and enable such behavior will be punished more severely on Judgment Day than those who were engaging in it

Yes, I guess I am a racist inasmuch as I believe the races were created separately, with the Caucasians being created last by the Lord God, and that they should stay that way.  I have no animosity towards others, regardless of their skin color, or their sexual preference, as long as it is not pushed into my face forcing me to have to deal with it.  I draw the line at interracial couples for the damage it does to their children and their posterity and queers who can’t keep it to themselves and, by advertising their curse, invite the punishment of death decreed by the scriptures.  I will not go silently into the night.

For the same reason that I do not shop in Wal-mart, K-mart, Family dollar, etc., this was my first and last cruise vacation.  I know not what course others may take, but as for me and my house, we will not sail on Carnival Cruise Lines ever again.

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  1. Bill Moore

    Hello Pat Shannon,

    Thank you for stating your opinion.

    I agree with you,
    Bill Moore

    1. Pat Shannan (Post author)

      ‘twarn’t MY opinion, but I agree with you, Bill.


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