Confederate soldiers ,sailors, and Marines that fought in the Civil war were made U.S. Veterans by an act of Congress in in 1957, U.S. Public Law 85-425, Sec 410, Approved 23 May, 1958. This made all Confederate Army/ Navy/ Marine Veterans equal to U.S. Veterans. Additionally, under U.S. Public Law 810, Approved by the 17th Congress on 26 Feb 1929 the War Department was directed to erect headstones and recognize Confederate grave sites as U.S. War dead grave sites. Just for the record the last Confederate veteran died in 1958. So, in essence, when you remove a Confederate statue, monument or headstone, you are in fact, removing a statue, monument or head stone of a U.S. VETERAN.


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  1. William C. Spencer, Jr., 105 Welwyn Lane, Asheville, NC 28805

    When a monument is moved, his final resting place may be lost forever. When those who knew of him have all died – – then that name can be lost forever!

    I have already witnessed this in my own lifetime !!! I am 80 years young !!.


    1. George A Tinney Esq.


      1. prsmith

        This is what conquerors do. We are being conquered from within slowly and methodically

  2. Thomas Savarino

    The South only wanted their own way of life apart from the industrialized north. The South had no desire to over throw the Lincoln government hence they were not Rebels. Slavery existed in the north before the American revolution . Read true history and not the news media version.

    1. David Whatley

      The removing of history from books and public carry a lot hatred toward those that care. There are those people that are ignorant that stir up trouble.

    2. larry

      Very well put, so few people understand the real cause of the War Between the States. It was not to overthrow so in fact not rebels.

      1. Bruce

        You are right, Larry. Every state that seceded mentioned slavery as the cause in their declarations of secession, which Robert E. Lee wrote was “based on wisdom and Christian principles”.

        1. prsmith

          Slavery was the economic engine of the South. It would have died a natural death in a couple decades as machinery replaced most of the need but the tax burden and the requirement to sell only to the northern States imposed by the North became too much to bear. The issue was economic, not Slavery, but slavery drove the economics so the two could not be separated. Washington did not just defeat the South, it defeated the Constitution as well.

    3. He's long

      They were told they could not by the federal government. They rebelled against that. They called themselves rebels. Can YOU not read?

      You can try to spin it any way you want. Those are facts.

      1. Betsy

        I was thinking the same thing. they called themselves rebels!

        1. Pat Shannan

          “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God,” said Tom Jefferson.

    4. Brulemonster

      Don’t play with logic; you’ll put your eye out.

      1. prsmith

        Pat did a pretty good job of putting their eye out. Tyranny over the South prevailed and secession resulted. It was northern soldiers who called them Rebels, they called themselves soldiers in the Army of the Confederated States of America, a legal entity that was invaded by a foreign power.

    5. Kathy Young

      The Civil war was started, not over slavery, but over the Morrill tariff, which imposed taxes that totaled 80% of southern income, and did not tax the north the same as the south. Wiki it, find out.

      1. prsmith

        This civil war has not been started over slavery either, it has been started to erase our history.

    6. donald

      The white leadership of this country has kissed the butts of the blacks for so long they can’t stop. Maybe time for a new war

  3. William

    PGT Beauregard was born in New Orleans and died in New Orleans. A U.S. ARMY hero in the Mexican American War. A General in the Confederate ARMY . After the civil War he swore an oath to his loyalty to U.S. On September 16, 1865 in front of the Democratic mayor of New Orleans. And was pardoned like all other confederate officers and soldiers by the U.S.President and giving given back full U.S. Citizenship. And then later was appointed adjundent General for the U.S. Louisiana militia . And also was elected commissioner of public works for New Orleans. He was active in reform party witched favored civil rights and voting rights for the recently freed slaves. Beauregard was asked and refused to lead the funeral for Jefferson Davis. Beauregard said of Jefferson Davis death. ( we have always been enemies . I cannot pretend I am sorry he is gone. I am no hypocrite.) And now Turncoat Back stabbing yellow belly Democratic mayor Mitch Landrieu dishonors a great New Orleans resident , and a great American veteran. The only statue that should be taken down is of Jefferson Davis.

    1. Betty

      No statues of historical significance should EVER be taken down against the will of the people.

      1. Sarah Wyatt


    2. Larry Jernigan

      Disagree. Jefferson Davis was a true Southern patriot and deserved all of the honors he received. Just being the only president of the Confederate States of America , and a great statesman entitles him to be recognized with statues all over the South.

  4. Kenneth Scott

    I don’t no why people do what they do . Always picking on someone or some thing . Always want to make people hate them . I actually hate people like that . Katrina did not do enough damage to New Orleans . I hate New Orleans . I still feel like I am gone to be fishing by the Super Dome . They should worry about things like that . Let the law of the land . I gave up on New Orleans 40 years ago . I have better things to do than to worry about black people . A lot of things happen to my people the Cajuns . You don’t see me on my pity pot .

  5. Gene Spurlin

    I believe in veterans an all they died for to keep us free

    I have relatives that fought in the south and not for slavery but southern freedom from a partial and unjust northern government Some of us are still fighting.

  6. Randall Russell

    Veterans are just that, it doesn’t matter which war or which branch of service they are all veterans and should be treated as such. No man is better than the other. They’re all brothers in arms. Bring a war to our shores and see who fights for each other.

  7. Bert Campbell

    The Mayor of New Orleans needs to be sent this law. He is ordering removal of statues of Robert E Lee and other Cilvil War Heros.

  8. Rick

    “Read true history and not the news media version.”


    We all have been lied to and misinformed !


    1. johnny

      I wonder if you could even explain this law and what it actually means. Funny you mention misinformation in regards to the most biased article I have ever read.

  9. Danny Barmore

    The war was fought because of taxes put on us by the North without representation and used to improve the roads and schools up North and not spent for anything int the South.. Slavery was brought in the picture to keep Germany from joinning the South in the war against the North—The biggest slave owner during this time was a former black slave—most of the slaves from Africa was sold by their own kind (Blacks)—but the blacks blame the white man why not the blacks of Africa?

    1. Marty Wayne

      I have been trying to explain this to people with blinders on for a decade or more.

  10. Eva Broussard-Sumner

    I feel when you remove these Statues and Monuments it is our history which is equivalent to removal of one’s family legacy! If it were Statues or Monuments were of Your Family would you fight not to have them removed. Way Too My Media in our Lives!

  11. shaun burke

    The South fought for the tenants of the Constitution, most notably “states rights”….while the North
    fought for HOPE & CHANGE…
    “a more perfect union” as the communist dishonest Abe put it

  12. Vincent Sampson

    Not Hate just Heardage

  13. Joey

    It was all a conspiracy against the south because the north wanted our textiles we grew in the south and we would not give it to them for their industries for the price they wanted to pay so they made us look like the bad guys.

  14. James

    The trouble with going back and reading history is that these days Liberals,Progressives and 70 % of the now elected Democrats are members of theCPUSA. Communist Party of the USA….. As such right now as you read this somewhere are people who are out there re writing the history books …. Changing the words to effect the outlook of future generations. These people are called revisionists….. Obama has hundreds working to change the narrative. They even scrub the net of Presidential remarks, and gaffes that will make Obama look bad. Such is the agenda that movements like occupy and Black Lives Matter are doing the same . Just like the LIE…. Hands Up Don’t Shoot…. That never happened but that doesn’t stop them from promoting the narrative….. Facts don’t matter. That whole movement is based on a lie.

  15. Dan

    Removing headstones or monuments will never end injustice Only a change in of the heart can do that.

  16. Rae

    I think the statues and monuments should be left alone. They are a piece of history and to take them down would be saying that they fought for nothing. Life is worth everyone of them that lots theirs for what we call freedom today

  17. Kenny

    This is a disrespectful act of treason.Have they not paid enough.

  18. gail whitehead

    They need to leave our history were its at alone if these dam foreniers dont like it they need to go back were they come from this is the united states. And in God we do trust go home u dam people iam really a mad southerner and i will stand my ground for my rights here in the usa
    Gail whitehead

  19. Debbie Williams

    I think that this is the most horrendous thing that I have ever heard of. None of these statues have been mentioned being offensive or a Nuisance until 2015. Why is that? These are a part of history and you can’t change history. You can only remember history. Things are getting way out of control with all of this. It is not written anywhere that any person has the right to not be offended by something. This is a fact of life, sometime,somewhere, someone will be offended by something that happens in their lifetime. Get Over It.

    1. Jeffrey

      Because some White inbred POS was photographed wearing a t-shirt that had an image of The Confederate Battle Flag. Walked into a Church and Shot and Killed 9 Black Parishioners. Afterwards anything that had anything to do with The Confederacy was automatically a trigger that people that never suffered Slavery to feel the need to remove anything that hurt Their feelings.

      1. Gertrude

        So very true!! It is always about the lumping!! Well he did this, so all people that have the rebel flag and take pride in their Southern heritage must be bad!! I mean all of the South had slaves, right?!

  20. Max

    My ancestor was a slave owner another raised a company of greys in New Orleans …I beg you to read Mississippis letter of secession it clearly states the reasons in paragraph one and two that “slavery” was the reason ….secondly if you study the constitution it was written to protect property looking back you think obviously they mean land …but land was cheap and there was lots of land so what “property” could possibly be so valuable ?………..slaves

  21. Leonard Coleman

    I say leave them there. It is history not hate and people need to give over it …!!!

  22. Jo

    If the Civil War Hero’s statues are being removed, then it is time to remove the Civil Rights Hero’s statues as well.

    1. Stultus lectorem

      You’re an idiot.

      Which “Civil War Hero” had their statue removed?
      And for whom were they heroes to?

      Don’t incite actions of ignorance if you’re just an idiot with a generalized view of history and a subscription to “Girls and Corpses”.

      1. prsmith

        Me and lots of people I know. Who are you to suggest that those men weren’t heroes? They fought for their homes and their families and their nation. They fought for survival and for the principle of States’ Rights which includes the right to secede – it’s in the Declaration of Independence and in our inherent rights to govern ourselves.

  23. Bubba Lee

    “(e) For the purpose of this section, and section 433, the term
    ‘veteran’ includes a person who served in the military or naval forces of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War, and the term ‘active, military or naval service’ includes active service in such forces.”

    Where does it state they are US vets? It doesn’t.

    1. Pat Shannan

      We have to agree that the Confederate States of America (CSA) was a separate nation with its own military.

    2. randy blessing

      Confederate soldiers ,sailors, and Marines that fought in the Civil war were made U.S. Veterans by an act of Congress in in 1957, U.S. Public Law 85-425, Sec 410, Approved 23 May, 1958.

  24. Jack Webb

    What a bunch of self-serving idiot rednecks. The commenters on the post make me ashamed of the south.

  25. Joseph

    In simple terms Public Law 85-425 adopted May 23, 1958 as H.R. 358 was nothing but a Welfare Program to help those people who had served and needed welfare, but at a rate more than what most states were willing to pay. Thus those former Confederate Veterans (and their wives, for unlike SSI, wives of such Veterans could get the improve Pension) get welfare, but at a higher rate than what most people get on welfare

    1. Gertrude

      Whether that is the case or not, they were still granted the title, so they are still afforded the same privledges. AKA, Veterans monument, aka protection.

    2. Jeffrey

      What? It only covered Confederate Soldiers, Which in 1958 (had they joined when they were 16, They would have been about 115 years old) The last Confederate Soldier had died.
      It was to recognize that The Confederate States had taken Constitutional steps to succeed from the Union and The Northern States had over stepped their bounds. The 13 States, The Soldiers and Their Monuments are to garner the same respect as Union Soldiers.

  26. Scott

    You can’t change history, taking down monuments won’t change anything… Now, the Nazi flag… We fought a war against that. That flag, white supremacy,KKK, and the like have no business in America.

    1. prsmith

      No, but re-writing our history books is.

  27. Peggy H Gandy

    Thanks for this information!

  28. procchi

    The above is not true. U.S. Public Law 85-425 Sec. 410, Approved 23 May 1958, authorized a pension for about 1,000 Confederate widows. The law say nothing about raising the status of Confederate soldiers to that of Union soldiers. Here is a pdf of the legislation for proof: http://uscode.house.gov/statutes/pl/85/425.pdf.

    1. leon melnyczok

      public law 810 does that

  29. Stultus lectorem

    procchi, thank you for educating them.

    Apparently, people nowadays think they’re intelligent because the read poorly summarized and embellished snippets from a hot-topic website.

    The only reason Confederate veterans were even considered eligible for benefits was due to the fact that many of them actually helped the Union fight in the Spanish-American war FOR the United States of America.

    A quick google search on DOJ and other credible and historical websites with archive public laws will do more for anyone on this page arguing radicalism than just taking the word of others.

    Think for yourselves; Cite your sources.

  30. leon melnyczok

    Progressive invasion, long period of time then slowly mold the people especially young students, then one day you wake and someone calls out to you,Good morning Comrade. It will be done

  31. Galen

    On Christmas, 1868, President Andrew Johnson issued the last, and unconditional, pardon for ALL those who had fought for the Confederacy. Whether they were subsequently made into “US veterans” or not, their participation in The War of Northern Aggression [remember that it was Union forces that fired upon Fort Sumter, starting the whole thing – from the CSA point of view, it was defense] was forgiven and absolved. With that ultimate pardon, any recrimination or guilt for having been on the Confederate side should have gone away, at least in a legal sense.

  32. Jim Kelly

    We cannot be a nation of one until all ethnic groups wish to do so. Keeping racism alive,by hatred on either side, divides us all.

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