To Nudge Goodlatte to do His Job!

For more than six months, we have attempted to draw the attention of the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee toward the courtroom crimes of Federal Judge Richard Tallman of Seattle, but no one has been able to get Congressman Bob Goodlatte to even acknowledge a single piece of correspondence. After hundreds of contacts, he refuses to talk to anyone outside of his own Virginia district. We have tried reminding him that his position as head of the HJC makes him answerable to all Americans that are reporting crimes within the federal judiciary, but every attempt has been met with stonewalling by his staff.


Is your U. S. Representative or Senator responsive to his constituents?

Now we’re asking all Americans to take just a minute or two to email your own representative asking that he/she nudge Cong. Goodlatte to action. Just copy the brief request below or put the same message in your own words:

Dear Congressman/woman

What will it take to get Bob Goodlatte (R –VA) to do his job? Hundreds of people from around the U. S. have asked him to look into the criminal activities of a sitting Federal Judge, committed in an open court, and he has not even responded with an excuse as to why he is ignoring the responsibility – especially when the judge himself turned his own courtroom into a crime scene. As Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, it is Bob Goodlatte’s job to investigate these charges.

I am speaking of Judge Richard Tallman of Seattle, Washington, who intentionally withheld exonerating evidence in order to aid the conviction of an innocent man.  I will not take the time and space to elaborate but urge you to go here to see the disgusting details.  http://www.ini-world-report.org/2014/12/01/veteran-falsely-convicted-by-lying-judge/. Judge Tallman refused to release the defendant’s confiscated passport, the stamps thereon proving that he was not even in the country at the time the fake crime allegedly took place.

What good is Oversight if the House Judiciary Committee ignores the complaints and refuses to investigate? We need you to hold the Chairman’s feet to the fire by asking your own senator or congressperson to inquire why Goodlatte refuses to respond. He needs to investigate three simple questions:

1)      What did government witness Joe Swisher disclose in the secret, ex parte meeting with Judge Tallman immediately before he testified in the Hinkson case? (Judges are absolutely forbidden to have “ex parte” meetings with witnesses because it opens the judge up to claims of bias and prejudice.)

2)      Why was Judge Tallman vouching for the prosecution’s witness, praising and making up false stories in order to give credibility to Elvin Joe Swisher a proven liar and convicted perjurer? (For Judges, “Vouching” is strictly forbidden; yet the official 2005 record shows that is exactly what Judge Tallman did.) 

3)      Why would Judge Tallman, in 2012, use the tales of a lying government witness, Swisher, who had been convicted of perjury, forgery, theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars of government property and stolen valor in 2008, to justify his Court Orders when it was absolutely proven that witness was a pathological liar. (By 2012, Judge Tallman should have known better than to quote Swisher as if he was a source of truth. Only a cursory examination of the information available on this case reflects the criminal record of Swisher. So, Chairman Goodlatte needs to ask why Tallman was still aligned with Swisher in 2012?)

Thanking you in advance,

(your name)

Once again, we are appealing to all readers in all fifty states. Please contact your congressperson ASAP with this important information. If we can’t get Goodlatte’s attention, maybe one of them can.






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  1. Don Waas

    The only way you’re going to get any congressmen to do his job, is to vote out all the incumbents in this next election. Don’t vote for the lesser of two evils, vote out all the incumbents

    1. Pat Shannan (Post author)

      Have you got a magic wand, Don, or what? If that’s what you are planning on using, be sure to wave it at the electronic voting machines first, in order to get your proposed project completed much faster. Meanwhile, it is your job to follow this plan. If Goodlatte hears from just a few of his colleagues, it will snap him to attention. If everybody does nothing, nothing will get done, and David will stay in jail.

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