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Contract: NRSO Park: 72050Lots (Deed & Title) are available in the top-ranked area in America–North Central Idaho (see Joel Skousen’s Strategic Relocation book for ranking details and James Wesley Rawles, The Patriot).

Many options are available from RV parking to home sites (i.e. roads, community garden, water and etc.)

Space is limited, so email now for more information:



Apocalypse now?  Nonsense…who would ever believe that? Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow…, well, it’s more of the same.  “And, in that day they will be marrying and giving in marriage.” Have you seen that the ‘Richey-rich’ have their underground bunkers?  But, will they be crushed when “the rocks fall on them?” Does anybody believe in prophecy?

How about a beautiful place to raise your children; a place of peace, a place to enjoy the circle-of-life; a place to live unmolested?  How about a plentiful and pure water supply, corals for animals, gardens to plant and harvest, fruit trees and all this only a few miles from a 5 million acre national forest and 50 miles from the Frank Church Wilderness Area?  Is this worth considering?  How about a spot to build your own cabin or pole barn or park your own RV on your own land? Are you the one that has outfitted your RV with rainy day gear and are all dressed up with no place to go?  Sure, there are camp grounds – but, will they be full when you get there?

Is safety, security and sanctuary strictly a matter of faith or does it require action? Who knew that in 70 A.D. the Romans would overrun Jerusalem, destroy the city and its people? There were some who got out just in time and they lived full and productive lives after the crisis was over, but they depended on understanding the parable of the Fig Tree? Does that parable have meaning for us today?

Often, it’s a choice between Carefree Living and True Liberty. Do you subscribe to the philosophy that freedom isn’t really free – that it requires effort on our part?  If you like working with others in a “community worth having,” then this might just be for you. Are you a nester-gatherer, or a hunter-protector?  Just asking…

idaho4Soooo, where is the place to go when the grid goes down and the toilets in the hi-rise can no longer flush, when the grocery shelves are empty and rioters are in the streets, when there’s no water in the tap and the marauders want to take the small store of food you carefully saved?  What is the best way to defend and provide for the family?

We are looking for the few who truly want a place to get away from the ‘madding crowd’ and are willing to help make it and keep it sustainable.  Are you one of those? Wouldn’t it be nice to have something planned out so that when you get there, there’s room for you and your whole family; a place where you can fellowship with likeminded/knowledgeable people?

Depending on how you answer these questions, you may want to start asking your own questions, so write to us at idahosanctuaryforme@gmail.comwhere we hope for the best and plan for the worst…maybe we can start a dialogue.

idaho2May the Lord’s Choicest Blessings always be upon you and yours.



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