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Wilford and Janet Simpson, of Florala, Alabama, write:

The book “Miracle in Atlanta” is a must read– one that you can’t put down.  Pat’s detailed and  informative style of writing puts you there with him.  You’ll be absolutely astonished at how the “miracle” transpires.  You’ll find yourself amazed at all the many emotions you’ll experience while reading this book.  The many incidences described will cause anger – then invoke tears – and then a final jubilant downright joy!
We just ordered ten more copies to give away at Christmastime.

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 mia2-sidebarThis book is for more than just the Patriots. This book is for everybody, especially the church-going Christian believers who have not yet been challenged and attacked for being a Christian.

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Christopher Slattery writes:

While merely halfway through Miracle in Atlanta, I suddenly felt an overwhelming compulsion to take advantage of your “ravenous readers” offer. I have always regarded Pat Shannan to be one of the best investigative journalists extant and gravely miss his articles that were featured in the American Free Press some years ago on a fairly regular basis.

As a writer of fiction, lyrics and poetry, I am particularly interested in reading One in A Million. Like Pat/Bill, I am self-educated (the 8th grade was my last fruitless year in the public “fool” system) and was in bands throughout the carefree and wild days of my youth, that is, until I inherited boxes of highly informative books, several of these being works of the late Eustace Mullins, from an associate who was a cousin to Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Throughout the years, the silly notion occasionally crosses my mind that I have seen, heard, and read it all concerning the conspiracies and crimes perpetrated by the lords of credit and currency creation, those devious heirs of Cromwell, but then a book like Miracle in Atlanta comes along and this delusion vanishes like a drop of morning dew under the blazing Arizona sun. This book is worth every counterfeit, interest-bearing “note” I paid for it, if not more, and I expect the forthcoming books will prove to be at least as informative, and above all: inspiring.

Thank you and God Bless.


Dick Bachert, who attended the trial every day, writes:

The author of this fascinating and maddening real life story you’re about to encounter puts you RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT!

I WAS there and his telling of what amounts to a cautionary tale for any and every liberty-loving American will keep you on the edge of your seat as you follow him, his bride and friends through the Constitution-defying gauntlet that has become this country’s tyrannical bureaucratic morass and the jungle of its so-called “judicial system”.

So grab a glass of your favorite beverage, sit back, buckle up and follow this patriot into the belly of the beast. Indeed, nobody has ever written a book like this!

Dick Bachert 5-30-2015

Comments (6)

  1. Larry B.

    I’ve read every book Pat has written, and if this book is anything like the others, I can’t wait to read it. I read most of his books in one sitting. They are just hard to put down.
    I look forward to reading this one, in one sitting, as soon as I can get my hands on one.

  2. Linda

    Hard hitting TRUTH is what Pat writes, for sure. His writings are always about a serious WAKE UP call. We are slaves of a system, and if we refuse to look at this revealing of our plight, we will remain enslaved and worse. I speak from experience. I know Pat wrote ‘how to overcome’ this in a peaceful way, and I can’t wait to read his new book.

  3. Roland Eyears

    Many of the decent lawyers (There are a few) refuse to defend clients in the federal system. Too expensive & too protracted. I highly recommend this book.

  4. Linda "Sunny"

    If you wonder how miracles ‘happen’, just read this book, Miracle in Atlanta. As it turns out, the various stages of our lives are preparation for the events that will come our way.
    Bill’s life was, indeed, preparation for battle.
    Learn how Bill was led to victory when most around him expected defeat. He was going up against a legal ‘goliath’ and most folks watching this battle did not know of the outcome of the original David vs Goliath. Having the biggest and best Co-Counsel available makes for a winning team.

  5. David S

    I am so glad to have made contact with you again, it being 31 years since we last saw each other in Steam Boat Springs. I remember our first meeting in Mississippi in 1946. I remember riding with Addison on the treasure hunt, Aunt Elizabeth’s log house and the singing we were entertained with as we ate watermelon. On the way home we stopped for a couple of nights at Lake of the Ozarks. That was our first after WWII. I always enjoyed conversations with your father.
    A check for $99 is in the mail for purchase of all 7 books and two DVD’s.

  6. Toni Bright

    I am the “Toni” from pages 113-115. I lost contact with Bill and his wife some years ago. However, after the book was published, Pat Shannan actually was able to track me down and put me in Touch with Bill !

    After a long chat going way back til “then”, he offered to send me a copy of his new book in which He said I was mentioned. A free copy of a published book in which I am mentioned ? Who could refuse such an offer? Not I, you can be sure.

    When the book finally arrived, I opened and started reading and was still reading far into the night. Little did he know that most of what I was reading was old news to me. He had no idea his wife and I kept in written communication and through the pages of mysteriously mailed letters under the name of her best loved dog and from addresses that led nowhere. Even up to, through Bill’s case and after winning it our letters continued. Then, I had some devastating changes to my own life and That is when we lost touch with one another.

    But then I read the part he wrote about me. So far off track in his suppositions that I realized he never really knew me at all while on the other hand, Carri and I had formed a very deep and personal bond that we shared with no one. She was traumatized by the changes in their lives.

    Bill’s patriotic affairs were not understood by her. She only knew she loved her husband but could not speak to him of her fears and phobias. She turned to the only person she felt might understand and lend moral support to her during her tragic circumstances.

    Their story may read like a fictitious novel but take it from me, it is a very true story. I know that for a fact !

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