A very good treatment of the subject… and old info you may have never heard.

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  1. Muichael Delaney

    Excellent Video…Qui PROFUIT… On that fateful day of President Kennedy’s assassination the New York Stock Exchange averted a near total collapse, equal to the Great Depression. On that day Warren Buffet started his upward journey to becoming a billionaire, Ira Haupt CO. avoided a near total collapse greater than the Bernie Madoff and Enron scandals. Members of the NYSE had to pony up and kick in monies to keep the failing Stock Exchange members afloat.The great Salad Oil Scandal(Bunge Co) was covered up. The New York Stock Exchange had to close thus avoiding a devastating Bank Holiday. How serendipitous; some profited enormously! Few of the American People know of this, Google… Salad Oil Scandal for more.In my opinion JFK assassination parallels The Aurora Cinema16 movie shooting. Fall-guy Patsy…Lee Harvey Oswald. Fall-guy Patsy…James E Holmes. Governmental agencies involvement in both and Stock Exchange involvement with rigged Libor rates over Bloomberg computers in the Aurora Cinema16 shooting. Assassination is the method!


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