UPDATE: Followers of this drama will remember that in late December, following INI’s unanswered pleas to the House Judiciary Chairman, US Observer publisher Ed Snook issued his own caveat via certified letter ( demanding attention to this important matter and a reply. He got neither. Here US~Observer’s next plan to get the bureaucrat’s attention, and Mr. Snook is asking for your help — especially if you have been harmed by either of these men. All he and we are asking is that an innocent man be freed and another corrupt judge be exposed.

 Ninth Circuit Judge Richard C. Tallman is Above the Law and Congressman Bob Goodlatte Ignores Justice

By Edward Snook Investigative Journalist

falseIn early December, 2014, Independent News International published an article about Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Richard C. Tallman titled, “Veteran Falsely Convicted by a Lying Judge.” Overwhelmed with the factual veracity achieved in the article by its author, Investigative Journalist Pat Shannan (, the US~Observer carried the article nationwide.

I was left shaking my head in disgust after reading Shannan’s expose of the actual crimes that Tallman committed in the process of helping the Department of Justice send David Hinkson, an innocent Veteran and entrepreneur, to prison in 2005

On December 22, 2014, I wrote to Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), Chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives as it is his responsibility to investigate a member of the Judiciary when they have been accused of committing perjury from the bench. Congressman Goodlatte has refused to respond to the US~Observer. I should note that the accusations contained in Shannan’s article went well beyond perjury, listing the actual crimes committed by Judge Tallman in open court; in fact, it is said: “Judge Tallman turned his courtroom into a crime scene” in order to convict Hinkson, and Tallman was one of the criminals. Congressman Goodlatte and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals have now both, factually turned their backs on Justice and the public they purportedly serve.

Justice Screams for Information

The US~Observer intends to hold both Goodlatte and Judge Tallman accountable; however, we need the public’s assistance to accomplish this. Do you know Judge Richard Tallman? Do you know someone who knows him? How about Congressman Goodlatte? Please realize this fact; If Tallman was brazen enough to commit actual crimes in the process of helping prosecute an outstanding citizen like David Hinkson, he has most likely done other things in his past, which are either unethical or illegal or both. If Bob Goodlatte can ignore Tallman, then he is no better. Did you go to college with Tallman or Goodlatte, were you married to one of them or one of their relatives? Did either of these worthless human beings abuse you or someone you know?

Also, if there is any person who is a resident of the Virginia Congressional District that Goodlatte represents, if they could please make the contact below, because he and his staff refuse to take calls, emails or letters from anyone who is not a constituent. He is violating his oath to the citizens of the United States because he does not simply represent constituents, he is the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and thus, represents all Americans . How can he even pretend to be fair-minded while consistently refusing to hear about judges who violate their oaths of office and “commit high crimes and misdemeanors in their courtrooms?”

Please be responsible and help the US~Observer obtain Justice for David Hinkson. Call 541-474-7885 or send an email to All calls and emails will be confidential.


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  1. Dawn Morgan

    Criminal activity being conducted in the House Judiciary Committee with the fox guarding the hen house.
    What will it take to make a change here?

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