New evidence…

Dr. French Anderson

Dr. French Anderson

Bill L. Lewis, Assistant Director in Charge
Federal Bureau of Investigation
11000 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90024                                                   January 27, 2015

Dear Director Lewis,

We have now compiled compelling evidence that Dr. Yi Zhao, a green card native of mainland China and a former disgruntled laboratory employee and business partner of my husband, has been committing espionage under cover of the University of Southern California School Of Medicine.  Specifically, she has been secretly supplying the Chinese Military with exact details of the procedure we were (and are) developing to treat lethal irradiation exposure after the exposure.  Dr. Zhao was (is) being paid through a Chinese pharmaceutical company.  The ability to use this treatment could swing the decision on use of tactical battlefield nuclear weapons, clearly a matter of military importance.

When our investigator, Mr. Daniel Haste, initially obtained evidence suggesting Dr. Zhao’s activities, he attempted to contact your office, but his calls were never returned.  Now, however, there is extremely strong documentary evidence.  Therefore, Mr. Haste and I would like to make an appointment with you or your designee to present the evidence and request that the Federal Bureau of Investigation looks into the situation and determines what action is necessary.

This evidence of espionage was uncovered as an unexpected spin-off of the intense investigation that was carried out to prove the wrongful conviction of my husband.  My husband, William French Anderson, MD, formerly a Professor at the University of Southern California School of Medicine, and known as the Father of Gene Therapy, was convicted in 2006 of child abuse based on a sheriff-instigated sting meeting recording between him and the alleged “victim” (who is the socially-dysfunctional daughter of Dr. Zhao).  My husband’s habeas team, led by Mr. Douglas Otto, has acquired overwhelming evidence of the skillful manipulation of the sting meeting recording by Deputy Kurt Ebert of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.  That malicious editing turned the recording from one that would have proven my husband’s innocence into one suggesting guilt.  The altered recording was the core of the prosecution’s case.  The Attorney General has now conceded this new evidence.   Deputy Ebert in his filed Declaration with the Court essentially conceded his actions.  This conceded misconduct in the Sheriff’s Department adds to the misconduct which is the subject of the ongoing FBI investigation that has already resulted in the forced resignation of Sheriff Baca.  A petition for dismissal of my husband’s case is now before the District Court.

The espionage of Dr. Zhao led her to generate the false accusations made by Zhao’s daughter as a direct way of removing my husband from the scene.  Although he was unaware of these espionage activities he represented a formidable obstacle to Dr. Zhao’s efforts. The espionage is not included in my husband’s petition for dismissal, but it is certainly related to our country’s need to protect itself from the increasing Chinese military threat.

I look forward to hearing from you, and presenting, with Mr. Haste, the documentation supporting these contentions.

Yours very truly,

Kathryn D. Anderson, MD.
Kathryn D. Anderson, MD. FACS. FRCS (Hon: Eng; Ire; Edin.)
Emerita Professor Surgery, University of Southern California
Emerita Surgeon-in-Chief, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Past President of the American College of Surgeons
Past President of the American Pediatric Surgery Association.

Cc: Mr. Daniel Haste
Kendrick D. Williams, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Intelligence Division
Director James Comey, Director FBI
Kamala D. Harris, California Attorney General
Dane R. Gillette, Chief Assistant Attorney General
Lance E. Winters, Senior Assistant Attorney General
Linda C. Johnson, Supervising Deputy Attorney General