wash-red-3One need not be a football fan today to be aware of the “political correctness” of the leftists pushing the Washington Redskins to change the name they have worn since 1932. Meanwhile, a recent caller to the Mike Gallagher talk show pointed out that in his home state of Arizona there is a high school team using the name “Redskins,” and added, “You’ll never guess where it is, Mike. On an Indian reservation! They are proud to emulate the NFL team.”

So what comes next? Changing the Cleveland Indians to the Cleveland Native Americans? Maybe if the Atlanta Braves become the “Squaws,” the N.O.W. might quit squawking for a week.

In any case, it has gone too far. Here is our answer:

Redskins Washington

Sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large

Price: $13.00 ea. (Price includes shipping & handling.)

Wholesale price: $9.00 per shirt, with a minimum order of 10 shirts. (Price includes shipping & handling.)

Please bear with us while we get set up to sell these great t-shirts online. In the meantime, to be the first in your neighborhood or tailgating bunch to taunt those who would change tradition, send your cash, check or money order to:

Oceana Management
200 Hickory Nut Lane
Canton, Georgia 30115
Click here for individual orders:
Click here for orders for 10 or more t-shirts. Please specify quantity.

Don’t forget to specify size!



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  1. Jeanne Miller

    My son has cancer in his colon and it has eaten a hole into his bladder. Tests were run and it all showed in the tests.He has given all needed & requested papers to the James Cancer Center in Columbus, Ohio. The colon specialist he saw told my son that there has to be two surgeons in the operating room; one to work on the colon and one to work on the bladder.We were told surgery would be set up right away; the colon tumor is 5 or 6 inches big.The colon specialist told us if he(colon specialist) isn’t available that he has colleges that are as good a surgeon as he,himself,is. Well, we’ve been waiting over three weeks to get the surgery done. I’ve been thinking of writing to the AMA,but found you on the web and wanted to see if I can get any help through you. The cancer is stage 2.The doctors names are Dr Pohar,Dr Harzman. Another dr mentioned to help with this case is David Liska. Is there anything you can do to help us get this operation started ? That’s the excuse we are getting every time we call the hospital…”we’re setting up an operation day. Sure…but for 3 weeks or more ??? Am sure the street is Kenny Drive.

    1. Pat Shannan

      Sorry, Jeanne, but this request is way out of our venue. We empathize with your dreadful situation, but it has been our experience that doctors and hospitals kill far more cancer patients with their chemo-so-called-“therapy” than they save. See our Health section here.

      1. Jeanne

        A little late with this,but a big “Thank You”, Pat for a reply. Yeah,I know what the chemo does.. and it scares me because that’s what he’s going through now. They claim they got all the cancer, so why the chemo treatments? Doesn’t make sense to me. Anyway, thought you deserved a reply. He seems to be doing good. Has had 3 chemo treatments so far. The cancer tumor in his colon weighed 6 pounds ! Thank God he’s still here,but the chemo scares me.
        Thank you


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