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I want to thank all those INI World Report readers who have been responding to my “Red Beckman Speaks” columns over the past three years. I cannot tell you how gratifying it is to hear from such dedicated patriots who are so concerned about the future of our nation. Recently, I composed a new booklet of 64 pages that I think is extremely important and contains a message that I really want to get out to as many of our fellow Americans as possible. I call it Lost Sheep Found.

About Lost Sheep Found

America used to be a country with a government . . . now we’re a government with a country. I spent more than 40 years (during the first half of my life) as a church-going Christian, listening to and believing everything the preacher said.  Then I realized that the vast majority of the nation’s churches—not just mine—had fallen under a mysterious force teaching many government edicts that simply were not Biblical.

I believe the core problems with America today are spiritual ones that cannot be solved politically. Any time politicians lie and cheat and ignore the Ten Commandments they come between Man and his Creator​—and we must obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29). Simply put, we must return America to “One nation under God.”

It’s not welfare, food stamps or war that will make our nation great again, and it most certainly isn’t Republicans or Democrats, as I point out in Lost Sheep Found. Only repentance and a return to God and Biblical guidance can save America, and this means that the nation’s pastors must stop obeying government edicts that interfere with the teachings of God.

Preachers can reach out to hundreds of dedicated listeners each week and can have more political impact than any D.C. politician, and this is the reason I want INI to send you two books for the price of one. One is for your pastor.

Reforming this nation can start in the pulpit and the truths contained in this book can be a guide for them and others who are willing to admit the real problem is a spiritual one, not a political one. Inside this book is a wealth of practical and spiritual wisdom accumulated during my life. I have spent the greater portion of my life touring, lecturing and writing books in an attempt to make a difference by educating my fellow citizens about the truth on the income tax, personal freedom, the Constitution and the need for national spirituality. Now, at 86, I am tired. It is your turn.

Please help distribute this book widely. Copies of this book are being sold for $7 each (with free S&H in the U.S.) but I am offering this book to INI at half price so they can afford to send you TWO COPIES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE.

You can become involved in spreading the message of liberty contained inside and do what you can to help put America back on the track first laid out by the Christian Founding Fathers 240 years ago.

So right now, if you send just $7, they will send you TWO copies of Lost Sheep Found. One for you and one for someone you think really needs it. And if you buy 20 copies, they’ll send you 20 extra copies free!

Please use the button above to order your copies from INI.

But, if you do want to order 100 or more, then go ahead and write me at Red Beckman, P.O. Box 61, Carrolls, WA 98609.

—Martin “Red” Beckman




How It All Started

The IRS Confidence Game

You Have Three Votes

Domestic Terrorism

The First Amendment

Satan’s Chosen People

Worshipping False Gods

Who Are God’s Chosen?

Satan’s Counterfeits

Ashes to Ashes

Where’d We Go Wrong?



 mail your request to:

Oceana Management Company

4290 Bells Ferry Road

Kennesaw, Georgia 30144


____ copies of LOST SHEEP FOUND @ only $7 for every pair in U.S.

Please mention the “Red Beckman Two-for-One Special.”

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  1. Chris

    Please tell me specifically what you mean by “return to God”.
    Please put it in terms that can be measured.
    Thanx … Chris

    1. Pat Shannan (Post author)

      We cannot speak for the author, so we advise you to read the book to find your answer.


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